C.C. Ferns Engagement Photos: Klarissa and Robert

And now, a shoot that’s a bit different than my usual work:

A few weeks ago, I shot Klarissa and Robert’s engagement photos. We started at Garfield Park Conservatory, one of my favorite places for engagement photos in Chicago.

Robert and Klarissa had a specific vision for the C.C. Ferns half of their engagement shoot. The two wanted to create images that played off of the 70s era interior of the coffee shop and cigar lounge. They wanted moody, high-drama images.  These portraits contrast the natural, more candid images from the conservatory, creating such different vibes in the same afternoon. I love how the different settings and a light evoke such different moods.


  • Very well done! I love when the couple is an active part of the creative process, this always create wonderful personal photos, just like these ones. You definitely nailed the 70's vibe mixed with a modern touch :D

  • Nick said:

    This is one of your best shoots, Sal.

  • becca said:

    Beautiful images!

  • Megan Saul said:

    This is so stunning, Sally! Beautiful photos!

  • Angela said:

    love the tones in these. pretty pretty

  • Henry said:

    Great job!! Great to look at such warm photos in the midst of winter.

  • Missy Miller said:

    Love this shoot. the couple had great style and you captured it beautifully.

  • Dana Richards said:

    Sally. These are amazing! I am swooning over her ring and these colors. GAH

  • Jackii said:

    Beautiful shoot! I love them in the diner

  • Jaimie said:

    Ahhh! Love this shoot! Her ring is perfection (and i've been eyeballing that same ring for myself for a few weeks!)