Everything × March 30, 2017 Best of 2016 2016 was remarkable. We photographed 46 weddings and bought our first home. We worked at dream venues with incredible clients and were traveling for 20 of 52 weekends. We shot in Maine, Rhode Island, ... READ MORE Everything × March 9, 2016 Granada, Nicaragua: Travel Photography Earlier this year, I traveled to Nicaragua for two weeks. This is day one: The first day I spent in Nicaragua was unlike the rest of my trip. Almost immediately after my flight landed, my parents, ... READ MORE Engagements × January 12, 2016 Best of 2015 -It's hard to talk about this past year without shifting entirely into clichéd end-of-the-year musings but that's because it's hard to write about wonderful things in new ways. It's difficult to expre... READ MORE Everything × June 5, 2015 Art Institute of Chicago Portraits & Chicago Street Photography Having siblings is an amazing thing. Alex, Heidi, Ben and Josie have spent more time with me than anyone else in the world. We've been to dozens of countries, walked through some pretty dark times tog... READ MORE Everything × May 22, 2015 Paris I went to Paris during the spring break of my senior year for a few days. It was March and I was reading Albert Camus for a class on existentialist literature. There is no better way to read Camus ... READ MORE Everything × May 4, 2015 Riverside Brookfield Senior Prom: Reilly, Liz, Laura, & Rachel On Friday, Reilly, Liz, Laura and Rachel went to the Riverside Brookfield senior prom. They were stunning and I got to take pictures. I shot a few of Reilly as she got ready and then we went  next ... READ MORE Everything × April 23, 2015 Why I switched websites and logos When I was in 4-H in the small Indiana town I grew up in, I raised chickens, goats, and a single, long-loathed swine. Every summer on a humid Friday night during Dearborn County's annual county fair, ... READ MORE