Stefan and Joanna: DeKoven Center Wedding

    Every wedding is emotional.

    Some weddings are full of joyful tears and others are full of laughter. Every wedding has its own mood and energy, made of the unique combination of a couple’s family and friends. I love watching people’s faces as the bride walks down the aisle or a mother and son dance together. It’s why I love wedding photography.

    But then there are weddings like Stefan and Joanna’s. I have never seen more tears at a wedding than in the moment that Joanna turned down the aisle, arm linked with her dad’s, to walk into her future with Stefan.

    Just a few weeks before their wedding, Joanna experienced a life-threatening health emergency. That they stood together before their friends, their family, and their God to profess their love for each other was nothing short of miraculous. Their wedding was charged with joy and thankfulness because Joanna and Stefan had walked through so much together to get to that day. It was beautiful seeing them hope for their future together.

    Enjoy some of my favorite photos from their DeKoven Center wedding.

    Bride’s Dress: David’s Bridal
    Bride’s Shoes: Charlotte Ruse
    Cakes: Courtney Frank
    Catering: Real Clean Paleo
    Coffee: Hansa Coffee
    Floral Design: Blomma Floral and Design
    Groom’s Suit: Topman
    Groom’s Shirt & Shoes: H&M
    Invitations: DIY
    Venue: The DeKoven Center
    Website: Squarespace

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    Sally O'Donnell Photography-11-3Sally O'Donnell Photography-1Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-4
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-3Sally O'Donnell Photography-12-3

    Sally-O'Donnell-Photography-1-2Sally O'Donnell Photography-13-3
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-5Sally O'Donnell PhotoSally O'Donnell Photography-1-6Sally O'Donnell Photography-14-3
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-7Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-8
    DeKoven Center Wedding-3DeKoven Center Wedding Photography 6 Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-12

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-9

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-11

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-13Sally O'Donnell Photography-15-3

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-14

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-15

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-16

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-17Sally O'Donnell Photography-24-2

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-20Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-22

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-21

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-16-2Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-19
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-17

    Sally-O'Donnell-Photography-1-26Sally O'Donnell Photography-18-2

    DeKoven Center Wedding (1 of 1)-7
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-29Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-30
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-27Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-31Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-33

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-32
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-2Sally O'Donnell Photography-21-2
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-34Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-78Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-35Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-36
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-38Sally O'Donnell Photography-19-2

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-37

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-20-2


    Sally O'Donnell Photography-22-2Sally-O'Donnell-Photography-1-40

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-23-2

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-2

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-25-2
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-41Sally O'Donnell Photography-26-2Sally O'Donnell Photography-27-2

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-43
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-2-2

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-45

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-46DeKoven Center WeddingSally O'Donnell Photography-1-44

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-48

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-49

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-51

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-29-2


    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-53Sally-O'Donnell-Photography-1-54Sally-O'Donnell-Photography-1-55

    Sally-O'Donnell-Photography-1-57Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-58

    Sally-O'Donnell-Photography-1-56Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-59

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-60Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-61

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-62Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-69Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-63Sally-O'Donnell-Photography-1-64

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-68

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-65Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-67

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-66

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-70Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-71


    Sally O'Donnell Photography-2-6Sally-O'Donnell-Photography-1-75Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-76Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-77
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-3-4Sally O'Donnell Photography-4-3Sally O'Donnell Photography-5-3Sally O'Donnell Photography-30Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-81

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-31Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-84Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-83Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-86Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-88

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-87

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-32Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-90Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-85Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-89

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-91Sally O'Donnell Photography-34-2Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-92Sally O'Donnell Photography-35-2Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-94Sally-O'Donnell-Photography-1-93

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-33-2

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-95
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-96

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-97Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-98Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-99

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-36-2Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-103Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-109
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-2-3

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-108Sally O'Donnell Photography-3

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-8Sally O'Donnell Photography-7Sally O'Donnell Photography-2-4

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-4
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-3-2Sally O'Donnell Photography-39

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-13
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-14

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-37-2Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-107Sally O'Donnell Photography-2-5Sally O'Donnell Photography-6-2
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-4-2Sally O'Donnell Photography-6-3

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-12-2

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-6Sally O'Donnell Photography-3-3Sally O'Donnell Photography-7-2
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-40
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-10-2
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-9Sally O'Donnell Photography-11-2Sally O'Donnell Photography-14-2Sally O'Donnell Photography-13-2Sally O'Donnell Photography-7-3Sally O'Donnell Photography-15-2Sally O'Donnell Photography-16

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-19
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-21

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-38Sally O'Donnell Photography-26Sally O'Donnell Photography-1-100Sally O'Donnell Photography-34Sally O'Donnell Photography-28
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-35

    Sally O'Donnell Photography-8-2
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-29Sally O'Donnell Photography-9-3Sally O'Donnell Photography-10-3Sally O'Donnell Photography-20
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-33Sally O'Donnell Photography-25Sally O'Donnell Photography-23Sally O'Donnell Photography-24
    Sally O'Donnell Photography-22


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    March 15, 2016