I am a wedding photographer based in Chicago, IL

    On wedding days, I am warm, friendly, and calm. I hope to capture your natural emotion beautifully and do so in the most effortless way possible. My style is informed by film photography and I combine timeless colors with modern aesthetics.

    I believe wedding days are about more than just photos and always prioritize my clients’ experience of their day. I will make beautiful images without drawing your attention away from the amazing day you’re experiencing!




    When I started Sally O’Donnell Photography, I was newly married and fresh out of college. Since then, I have photographed more than 250 weddings in 22 states and 2 countries.

    Wedding photography combines my love of art, high-energy scenarios, and journalism, my first career path. When I’m not shooting weddings, I photograph interiors and international non-profits.

    My husband and I live just outside of the city in Berwyn in a house from 1894 that’s full of antiques and our 200 +/- plants. We like spicy food, Mexico, our garden, and comedy.